“Heaven of Traders’ Elysium Trader adheres to the principles of investment/speculation with happiness because the apex need of most people is to live happily. The equation of happiness is money + time + health + mental health = happiness (to have all the four factors at the same time). This is because most other careers, even though capable of offering all the four factors, cannot offer all the 4 factors simultaneously. For many other careers, there may be 2 factors at a time.

Stock Exchange Markets can offer to you all the 4 factors at a time. Hence, many people are interested in this career; BUT…

Talking about Stock Exchange Markets, what most people think? It might be profits, money, wealth, etc…

However, only few people talk about ‘Happiness’ in Stock Exchange Markets…

If you have a chance to talk to or to observe the facial expressions of people who are going to buy shares or stocks, …

  • You will immediately realize what their facial expressions are. Are they ‘tensed’ or ‘happy’?
  • The reason is ‘tensed’, but why?
  • When they get profits, they become stressed because they are not sure whether they should sell the shares.
  • When the experience loss, they are also stressed because they cannot make decision whether to keep those shares with them or sell them to cut loss.
  • When they miss a chance to buy shares, they are also stressed because they are afraid that they will miss an opportunity to generate profits.
  • When we do something with stress, worries and anxiety, such feelings will remain with us all the time. How do you think what the outcomes from such action would be?

Between ‘success’ and ‘failure’,…

Definitely, it is very difficult…to succeed because many people…still lack of correct understanding. There are some secrets that those people do not know (they are secrets because those people do not know them).

Elysium Trader will share knowledge with you so that you will be happy and successful in the pathway of investors and traders.
Elysium Trader will enable everyone to experience the equation of happiness.
Equation of happiness: money + time + health + mental health = happiness (to have all the four factors at the same time)
The next question is whether you want to get rich from Stock Exchange Markets while having streak and anxiety in return.
The answer is ‘No’ for sure.
What we want is to invest with ‘happiness’.

When we can walk on the career path of investors and speculators happily, we will definitely succeed in this career.

Elysium Trader offers to you chances to learn from real experiences of professional investors who have been attaining both happiness and success in trading in Stock Exchange Markets by making profits from margins of prices.

The top ‘knowledge dissemination’ arts and techniques with more than 6 years of experiences in dissemination of knowledge in Stock Exchange Markets will enable everyone to ‘Learn with Fun, Understand Easily, and Truly Implement’.

Come join the pathway of investors and traders with us, Elysium Trader.

Our knowledge sharing comes in 3 types.

  • Class Room is the method where you learn from lecturers directly. Each of our class room is for 25 attendants only. You can register to enroll to a class room at ……….
  • Online Class is the method of online learning with a diversity of curricular for you to choose. You can learn anywhere and anytime at your convenience. You can register to join the class at ……………..
  • Live Class is the live broadcast coaching in which learners can ask questions and learn about interesting cases of shares in addition to the contents of the lessons. You can also experience the trading ambience in real markets and learn about experiences from coaches. This class is suitable for learners who have passed classroom or online class study already. For more details, please visit…

Furthermore, we also provide consultancy services on the best Software Program Platform in the world for the investment in Stock Exchange Markets.